Storm Center

We’re here for you

Coast Electric has a storm response plan that’s been battle tested during some of our nation’s worst natural disasters. We are proactive in our storm and disaster planning so that when the lights go out, we are ready to respond immediately. We have a team of professionals dedicated to restoring light and hope in our community any time of the day or night.

Storm FAQ

Why does my neighbor have power, but I don't?

There are several reasons this might happen.

  • A street can be served by two different main power lines and/or substations, which explains why your neighbors may have power restored before you do.
  • You and your neighbor might not share the same power line or circuit.
  • The power line feeding electricity to your home may be damaged, or your individual connection might require repair.
  • Your home also might need internal electrical repairs.

Why haven't I seen trucks on my road?

This could be for a couple of reasons.

  • Our crews are working in all three counties of our service area but may not be in your area yet. Rest assured that every member's restoration is important to us and we will work until every member receives power.
  • There may be a problem down the line or in a substation that is causing your outage so trucks may be close by but not at your home.

I have a downed line/broken limb/etc., on my property. How do I report this information?

Give us a call at 877-769-2372 so we can add the information to your outage ticket. Do not report these issues on our social media outlets. 

My outage is a quick fix. Can't they just come fix it now?

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause thousands of quick fixes. Crews will work until every single pole, foot of wire and transformer is repaired but it will take time to get to all of those quick fixes. Crews will work tirelessly until power is restored to every member.

I evacuated and am not at home, but assume my power is out. Should I report an outage at my home?

If you have evacuated and do not know if your power is out, please do not report that there is an outage at your location. Our crews are arriving at locations that have reported outages where power is on. This is slowing the progress of restoration for those who do not have service.

I have a prepay account and got a notification that I've used power, but my power has been out. How is this possible?

PPM readings run approximately two days behind so any notifications you receive today will be from power you used earlier this week before your service went out.

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