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Ways to Save

Most companies won't tell you to use less of their product - but as a not-for-profit cooperative, that's exactly what we do! We want to partner with our members to show you how you can manage your energy use and save!

We've got a team of energy experts working for us to make your home run as efficiently as possible.

Time of Use Rates

By reducing your energy use during peak times, you have the opportunity to decrease your energy costs. Sign up at any Coast Electric office or complete the online application on the Time of Use Page.

Comfort Advantage is a recognized standard for energy-efficient construction and quality products for your home or business. The benefits of Comfort Advantage are promoted by electric cooperatives who provide electric service to more than 400,000 Mississippians.

This free, online energy audit tool will help you understand how your home uses energy - and how you can save.

Reduce Your Use Contest

Coast Electric wants you to reduce your energy use and see savings on your monthly energy costs! Each month, you will have an opportunity to register to win a prize that will help you reduce the energy consumption in your home. All you have to do is fill out our entry form below. It only takes a few seconds and you could win a prize that helps you save!

Reduce Your Use Houses
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