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Our team of energy experts is here to help you determine which programs and rates can help you save so you can concentrate on the core mission of your business. From advice about lighting equipment to free energy audits, we have several programs that can help your business thrive. Contact Phillippe Michel to learn more about solutions for your business.

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Energy Audit

Free Commercial Energy Audit

Coast Electric’s Commercial Energy Audit is a service provided to Coast Electric members to help them understand and manage their energy use.

The free audit is a walk-through procedure by our commercial energy expert. Our representative will perform a thorough investigation of your business to determine energy use patterns and recommend energy-saving improvements designed to lower your monthly electric bill.

Contact Phillippe Michel  228-363-7261.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting with Coast Electric

Coast Electric has a number of outdoor lighting options. Contact your local office, or call 877-769-2372 to schedule an appointment with a serviceman. He will help you determine the best fixture for your needs and the best placement for the fixture.

Lighting Rate 7k
Outdoor Lighting Chart

Comfort Advantage

Comfort Advantage Logo

Comfort Advantage is a recognized standard for energy-efficient construction and quality products for the home and business. The benefits of Comfort Advantage are promoted by electric cooperatives who provide electric service to more than 400,000 Mississippi homes and businesses.

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