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Cooperatives like Coast Electric are led by consumers like you. Having fellow community members serve as co-op leaders means you have people who understand the needs of our community working on your behalf.

Each November, Coast Electric hosts its Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Night so that members can participate in the election process, learn more about their cooperative and get to know co-ops leadership team members.

We understand that life is busy and that members aren't always able to join us at the meeting. Those who are unable to attend in person are able to register for the meeting by proxy beginning in July each year. Members attending the meeting and those with valid, registered proxies are entered to win up to $1,000 in electricity credits.

By attending or registering for our Annual Meeting, you are taking an active role in your cooperative. You have a vote and a voice in how your co-op does business.

At Coast Electric, we don't have shareholders, we have members. As a member, you get to vote on the men and women who represent you on Coast Electric's board of directors. That vote takes place every year at our Annual Meeting. Those who aren't able to attend the meeting can register via proxy online, by mail or in any of our offices. Registering allows you to participate, even if you aren't present at the meeting. 

Attending or registering also gives you the opportunity to win electricity credits of up to $1,000! 

Registering your proxy allows you to assign someone who will be at the meeting to vote on your behalf. You can choose another member to vote for you or you can assign the board of directors to vote on your behalf. 

Coast Electric serves Hancock, Harrison and Pearl River counties. There are three board positions in each county we serve. Each year, members vote for a board representative in one of these three positions. 

For more information about our election process, please read our bylaws

Coast Electric's bylaws outline our nominating, voting and other Annual Meeting processes. You can download a copy of our bylaws here

At Coast Electric’s Annual Meeting on Nov. 2, three members were elected as directors for Position Three and received the following votes:

Paul D Guichet, Hancock County – 10,273
William D Mooney, Pearl River County – 10,273
Gordon Redd Jr.,  Harrison County – 10,273

Congratulations to our members who won credits on their electric bills or other prizes by either attending our Annual Meeting or registering online, in one of our offices or by mail.

$100 Bill Credit Winners:

Belinda Rodgers
George Ruschak
Michael Dickinson
Gloria Smotherman
Francis Adams
Marvin May
Beau Underwood
Ronald Hode
Linda Byrd
Ronald Thompson
Regina Luxich
Lynne Grimes
Vickie Hariel
Ronald Breland
Alan Weatherford

$50 Home Depot Gift Cards
David Malley
Caleb Smith

$25 Walmart Gift Cards – provided by Arkansas Electric Cooperatives

Candace Harper
Marcia Jones

Attendance Grand Prize Winners:

$250 Coast Electric Bill Credit – Marilyn Sefton
$500 Coast Electric Bill Credit – James Manning
$1,000 Coast Electric Bill Credit – Theresa Wilson

Proxy Registration Grand Prize Winners

$250 Coast Electric Bill Credit – Billee Busche                                                                  
$500 Coast Electric Bill Credit – Debra Barnes
$1,000 Coast Electric Bill Credit – Gerald Darby

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