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Demand Usage Calculator

Coast Electric Power Demand Calculator

Want to know "watt" is driving your demand?

Use this estimator to see how stacking your appliances impacts your demand needs, and how you can manage demand charges.

Air conditioner
Heat pump
Straight Electric Central Heat
Hot Tub
Clothes dryer
Washing machine
Electric oven
Electric range
Coffee maker
Hair dryer
Electric water heater
Electric vehicle charger (level 1)
Electric vehicle charger level 2 - 240V/16A
Electric vehicle charger level 2 – 240V/30A
Space Heater
Stock tank heater
Pool Pump
Total Demand Estimated Demand Charge:  

How To Use The Demand Calculator

To get an idea of how stacking the use of household appliances affects your demand charges, select the appliances your household tends to use at one time. It's easy to see how using multiple appliances at once can quickly add up. Select from Summer or Winter to see how the changing seasons affects which common household appliances drive demand costs. By toggling on and off appliances in this online estimator, you can see how staggering the use of large appliances can help you manage your energy use and save on demand charges.

What is Demand and How am I Charged?

Demand, measured in kilowatts (kW), is the rate at which power is consumed. 1 kW is equivalent to 1,000 watts. Energy, on the other hand, is measured in kilo-watt hours (kWh) and represents the total amount of electricity consumed over the billing period.

Demand charges are calculated using the single highest 15-minute interval of power consumption over the billing cycle multiplied by the current per kW rate. As a point of reference, the average Coast Electric Power residential demand is 7 kW.

The Demand Calculator is for informational purposes only and displays estimated wattage of common appliances on Coast Electric Power's Standard Residential rate and does not include Energy Charges or Fixed Charges.

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