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Variety is the spice of life. And the source of savings.

Coast Electric is one of 11 co-ops in Mississippi that is part of Cooperative Energy, a generation and transmission cooperative headquartered in Hattiesburg. Cooperative Energy generates and delivers energy to Coast Electric's substations and Coast Electric uses that energy to power homes and businesses in Harrison, Hancock and Pearl River counties.

Cooperative Energy provides power to Coast Electric and other member systems at a wholesale rate and has a diverse generating mix that includes natural gas, coal, nuclear, water (hydro) and solar. Having a broad mix of options gives Cooperative Energy the power to minimize the cost impact of any significant increases of a single fuel source.


Solar energy is becoming a larger part of Cooperative Energy's fuel mix as more solar generating resources are utilized to produced reliable, affordable energy for Mississippi residents. Cooperative Energy currently has five small-scale solar sites in locations throughout the state, including one at Coast Electric's Kiln headquarters, and one 52MW, 540-acre solar facility in Sumrall, Miss. Plans are underway for a new solar facility in the Delta.

Fuel Mix 2020
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