My Co-Op

Leadership and Advisory

Executive Staff

Ron Barnes, President and CEO
Steven Broussard, Vice President of Engineering
Scott Brown, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations
Samantha Cooley, Executive Assistant
Archie Dickens, Vice President of Safety, Compliance, and Support Services
Wilson Eaton, General Counsel/Vice President of Human Resources
John Holston, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
Guy Johnson, Vice President Economic Development and Sustainability
Kendall Ladner, Vice President of Operations
Louis Lee, Vice President of Project Management
Bruce Marie, Vice President of Purchasing and Energy Management
Melissa Russo, Vice President of Communications, Public Relations and Member Services

Board of Directors

Hancock County Board Members
James Baldree, Position 1
Gil Arceneaux, Position 2
Paul D. Guichet, Position 3

Harrison County Board Members
Chuck Lopez, Position 1
Teri Eaton, Position 2
Gordon Redd, Position 3

Pearl River County Board Members
Richard Dossett
, Position 1
Frank McClinton,  Position 2
Doug Mooney, Position 3

Want to connect with your board? Email [email protected].

Advisory Committee/Coast Electric Community Trust Committee

One benefit of cooperative membership is that leadership roles are filled by our members. Besides our Board of Directors, we have another committee of Coast Electric members that serve as our eyes and ears in the community. Coast Electric’s advisory committee members serve three consecutive one-year terms and spend time learning about our business and giving us new perspectives on our programs and services.

Advisory committee members also serve as the advisory committee for Coast Electric’s Community Trust. When local charitable organizations apply for grants funded by our Operation Round Up program, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation reviews grants to ensure they are eligible for funding and passes along applications that meet funding requirements to members of the Advisory Committee/Community Trust Committee for review. These men and women will work to determine which grants will be funded to making lasting, positive impacts in our local communities.

Hancock County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Blake Travis
Ronnie Breland
Duane Wilson

Harrison County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Fred Hoff
Valerie Underwood
Padrick Dennis

Pearl River County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Candace Harper
Caleb Smith
Cody Cuevas

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