Power Cost Decrease Begins April 1

Twice each year, Coast Electric makes a power cost adjustment. Power cost adjustments occur because of changes in the cost of generating power. Costs paid to Coast Electric’s power supplier, Cooperative Energy, are typically higher in the winter and lower in the summer.

Coast Electric can pass along these decreased costs to members. Over a period of 12 months, your power costs remain the same. However, members will see a decrease in power costs this summer.

Mississippi typically has milder winters, and long, hot summers, so Coast Electric members will have more opportunities for comfort in the months when it’s needed most. Temperatures greatly impact member-consumers’ bills since heating and cooling use the most energy. That means you will see higher bills in extreme hot or cold weather.

We recommend managing your energy use every season, even with a power cost decrease. For tips on how you can manage your use and save, visit www.coastepa.com.

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